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Birthstone Chart, What's Your Birthstone ?

Birthstone Chart, Gemstone for months
Birthstone Chart

Did you know everyone has a birthstone? Each month has a designated birthstone and June and October has alternates.

Modern day birthstones were introduced in 1912 by the Jewelers of America Association formalizing today's worldwide accepted chart, but their history dates farther back.

Birthstones have been dated back thousands of years and according to the book of Exodus, God orded 12 gemstones to be mounted on a gold breastplate representing 12 tribes of Israel. Though these were not the modern day birthstones, there are other bibical references to 12 gemstones. In the book of Revelations, the new Jerusalem have 12 foundation gemstones.

The Tibetans believed each gemstone carried a mystical power and acient Indians created the Ayurvedcic Indian Medicine list, believing stones carried medicinal powers and were worn and grounded and ingested for their healing powers.


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