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How to Clean Jewelry at Home

Cleaning Jewelry at home can be pretty simple and easy and

you probably already have what you need to clean gold or platinum jewelry with diamonds, not suitable for softer stones or treated diamonds. Please proceed with caution only use tolerable temperatures.





  • using hot tap water, scrub with toothbrush, focusing on and around diamonds, (think of them as teeth needing deep cleaning)

  • 1 or 2 quick sprays of window cleaner is all that's needed to add to scrubbing. After 3-4 min of scrubbing, drop in a mug with very hot but not boiling water

  • for microwave heated water, recommended time varies but around 2 min, (do not put jewelry in microwave) but stand back when dropping in hot water as it sometimes will bubble over

  • after leaving in hot water soak for 2 min, use toothbrush to move around and scrub when heat is tolerable

  • repeat process until clean and no dirt is found in mug and dry with paper towel

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How to Clean Jewelry at Home


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